So I finally got my hands on the new My Chemical Romance album, titled The Black Parade.

I’ve been waiting for some new material from the band since two weeks after the release of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. It’s possibly my favourite album and definitely my most played. It’s hard to believe the album was released almost two and a half years ago.

As you would expect, my hopes were high for this album but I purposefully lowered my expectations. So many great albums have been put to the bottom of my music collection because they didn’t meet my high expectations.

The Black Parade starts of brilliantly. We hear a familiar heart monitor beeping sound with an acoustic guitar sneaking its way in. Out comes “Now come one, come all to this tragic affair” in Gerard’s familiar voice. I’m impressed. This first track is called ‘The End’, which ironically is just a long intro. We get a feel for the full album in this single track, with the style switching from primarily vocal to all out rock.

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