Even though this four-piece all girl rock band weren’t on stage until 9.30, that didn’t stop fans from queuing outside from 7pm sharp to see the Brighton rockers.

The girls have recently enjoyed the success of releasing their debut studio album Break The Silence, with copies being sold in retailers such as hmv, and with such a strong fan base, it was clear that the gig was gonna rock!
Pedigree Music started off the night with a chat with the band backstage and a few sips of Jack Daniels. The interview can be read here on PedigreeMusic.com soon.

McQueen start their debut LP (Break The Silence) with the brilliant opening song “Neurotic”. They then go through a whole range of songs ending with the equally fantastic “Don’t Know How To Break It To You”. Throughout the album they drop some brilliant tracks like “Running Out Of Things To Say” (their first single), “The Line Went Dead” and “Numb”. Don’t get me wrong, every song is good but these ones really stand out to me as being something different and unique.

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