I gave Fall Out Boy’s new album Infinity On High a listen to today, so I wanted to share my thoughts on the album with everyone. I thought that the easiest way to do this would be to look at each track individually, so here we go…

“Thriller” is a fantastic introduction to this brilliant new album from the Chicago four-piece. It really exemplifies what Fall Out Boy are all about.

The Take Over, The Break’s Over is another fantastic song. I’m going to have to stop saying this, because I can see myself saying this for every song on the album. My first impressions of this song were that it had a very catchy beat that’s not so unfamiliar to their past collection of songs. This is one of the more average songs on the album, but it is still great none the less. Definitely not a single worthy song as I can’t see it doing as well as other songs on the album. Still worth a listen though. Takes nothing away from the album.

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